Velocity Chyaldd is the lead vocalist and songwriter for the NYC band
Vulgaras review). They say that the most beautiful things in
nature are also the most deadly. If you need any proof, just take a look at just
for shock value. She is bringing a message to the world... a message of
liberation from the torments of guilt and a haunted past. Delve into the dark
and beautiful mind of Velocity Chyaldd in Scary Entertainment's first interview.

Scary: I wanted the first interview to be unique, and you are definitely
that. What do you think sets you apart from others who are attempting
similar images?

As far as others mixing sex and horror, I suppose the other
versions I've seen are more for entertainment value or tongue in cheek,
if you will. I'm quite serious about the sex and the horror. It comes from
real places with us, and we want our audience to feel what it's like if
they've  never understood it before, or for the ones who have
experienced the horror, we want to remind them they are not alone.

Scary: On the subject of image, what do you, as a strong woman in
music, say to the parents who buy their little girls Britney Spears
albums for Christmas but would fall out if they heard their teenagers
listening to Vulgaras?

You can't keep someone from thinking for themselves, and if
you think Britney is clean, just read the lyrics. She sells sex... but we
shame-free sex.

Scary: It's certainly true that people fear what they do not understand,
but I think most find reality a bit frightening. Do you place any limits on
what you reveal to your audience?

I'm always challenging myself onstage, vocally, emotionally,
and theatrically. The only real limits I am forced to acknowledge are the
limits placed on us by the venue and cities censors. I push the
envelope as far as I can, without getting us thrown out of the club... that
would defeat the purpose. We want the music/message to get out there.

Scary: What was your main inspiration for going into music, and how
old were you when you decided that was your path?

I've been on stage performing since I was 8 years old. It has
always been my outlet, and it kept me from killing myself. Acting,
singing, dancing, painting, and writing have always been a big part of
me. I realized, when I was 20, that acting would never satisfy the things
I needed to express. It needed to come from me, not from a soap opera
or Dominos Pizza commercial. Performance Art, on the lower east side,
is how I started. Then I put words to the feelings, then my voice, and in
the end, musicians.

Scary: From what I've seen, there's a lot more to you than just the
music. Give us a glimpse of the spiritual and intellectual side of
Velocity Chyaldd. What are some of the books and art that inspire you?

Books- Women Who Run With the Wolves, The Satanic Witch,
Celestine Prophecy, Prometheus Rising, Cosmic Trigger, The Happy
Hooker, Wicked, Alice in Wonderland, Writings of Anais Nin, and The
Tree of Life.
Art- Frida Kahlo, Salvador Dali, Olivia DeBerardinis, John
Santerineross, The Empire Snafu, and my favorite gallery is the
Dollhaus Gallery, owned by another of my favorite artists, Madame
Emma Louise Dollhaus.

Scary: You touch on many serious and personal issues in your songs.
Do you still find a way to maintain a sense of humor in the face of it all?
What are some of the things that you do "just for fun" when you want
to get away from the dreariness of life?

Well, I just got back from New Orleans, and if I could go there
everytime I felt blue, I would... I f**king love that town. I enjoy a good
cabaret show, I love painting, and a nice lapdance feels good too.

Scary: I know that the business side of the music industry can be a
real "trial by fire" experience. What's the most interesting story you
have about dealing with execs, managers, or venues?

That side of the music industry is tedious and frustrating. We
are still hoping to find a manager that isn't afraid of our concept. So far
we've only been banned from two venues in NYC, for lewd onstage
behavior. For the most part, the clubs look the other way for us.

Scary: In all types of entertainment, everything is aimed at the coveted
18-35 year old male audience. What range have you seen in your fans?

Everything from 16-40... and under and up... animal nature
comes in all ages.

Scary: Speaking of 18-35 year old males, you recently appeared in
. What prompted that, and how has it affected your fanbase?
Do you think Jerry Falwell would approve... lol?

A freelancer asked us if we wanted to be part of his story on
"Fetish Bands". I don't really consider us "fetish", but I agreed. It has
brought us to the attention of more people seeking some honest
vulgarity in their lives. And I think Jerry Falwell jerks off daily, just like
almost every other male human being... he isn't fooling anybody.

Scary: NYC is one scene, but when do you think we'll be seeing
Vulgaras in... oh say... here in ultra-conservative Cincinnati?

Hopefully next summer... that is our wish.

Scary: I want to thank you for being our first interview here at Scary
Entertainment. Any final words for the fans, critics, or those who don't
yet know Vulgaras?

Know who you are and become that person, because there
isn't any shame left anymore.
P.S.- We'd like to thank our families for making us who we are today.  

Interview by- Scary Jerry
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