It's about time we represented the film industry with these interviews! And who
better to do that than the greatest icon of all that we love here, Mr. Sid Haig
himself? From theatre to television to the big screen, Sid Haig has become
the Lon Chaney of this doomed generation...a man of a thousand faces. Kick
back and enjoy this chat with the man who has been everything from a judge to
the infamous Captain Spaulding...and should be written on your ballot for our
next Commander-in-Chief.

Scary: Thank you, thank you for giving us the honor of being the very
first actor to be interviewed on Scary Entertainment. I've gotten to
interview everyone from THC's Ill E. Gal to former Rob Zombie guitarist
Riggs, and this is by far my favorite. So how do you feel about being
the first of the film industry to speak with us?

The honor is all mine, my friend. I like to be the first to do positive

Scary: Tell us a little about this new film "Dark Moon Rising". I
understand you are also the point man for this film. You must have a
heavy load on you right now.

I've got broad shoulders and a strong back. I can handle it.
Dark Moon Rising is actually a love story/horror film. It's smartly written
and very creative without all of the usual genre clichés.

Scary: Besides "El Superbeasto", are there any plans to work on any
future projects with Rob Zombie?

Only Rob has got the answer to that one. I won't hear from him for
awhile and then out of the blue he'll call and say "what are you doing
next month?"

Scary: I have to ask, what's it like to star in such a varied catalog? I
know that, at least at one time, you felt sort of type-cast, but I really
don't see it that way. You have a cast of thousands in you. Though you
have become a horror icon, do you have plans of breaking away and
doing anything outside that realm again?

Well, thank you, but I do believe I was type-cast plain and simple. If
Hollywood had seen that cast of thousands that you have then my
career would have been a lot different.
As far as doing anything outside of horror, let me just say I like to do
good work. If that work takes me in another direction then so be it. I
just have to keep stretching and learning.

Scary: I don't know if you were familiar with Hunter S. Thompson, but
he once said that he was never sure who people were hiring, Hunter or
Duke. He had become two characters, and people had merged the two
to the point that it confused even him. Do you ever feel that way about
the Captain Spaulding character?

No, I know who I am. The public is sometimes confused but that's

Scary: I know you are also a musician yourself...a drummer in fact. Do
you still enjoy banging out some beats on occasion? If so, you're
always welcome to put down a track for me...haha!

I wish I had the time to record again. I'm trying to find some garage
tapes that I did back in eighty nine but I'm not having a lot of luck.

Scary: I was really surprised that you responded to me so quickly with
everything you have to deal with right now. Do you make an effort to
treat fans more like friends?

Someone who looks out for you, encourages you and can't wait to
see you again is a friend. And that is what the fans have given me, so
the only thing I can do is respond in kind. I don't know why this is such
a hard concept for some performers to wrap their heads around, but
without the fans we've got nothing.

Scary: I always ask this, so don't be taken aback by it. Do you have
any on set, travel, or appearance nightmare stories to share?

A travel story comes to mind. Bill Moseley and I were going to do
some appearances in Europe, the first stop being in Germany. We were
to take a non-stop train ride to meet up with the promoter who was to
be in a small town we were destined for. Well, to make a very long story
short, the non-stop became three stops complete with transfers.
Neither Bill or I speak German and had no idea how we were going to
deal with this little challenge. As things were looking more and more
bleak for our travel plans, two German guys came into our car, heard us
talking, and asked if we were Americans. As it turned out they were
going to the same wide spot in the road we were and helped us through
the ordeal. If it was not for those two guys we would still be in a pasture
somewhere in Germany talking to cows.

Scary: I have to tell you. I was on my way home from down south, and I
got some fried chicken and polk sallet. You were the first person to
come to mind. Maybe you can clear this debate up for me. Have you
ever eaten polk sallet, and do you like it? Keep in mind, I'm from
"Bloody" Harlan, home of the Polk Sallet Festival, so I had to ask.

I have not tried Polk Sallet. But if I'm ever in Harlan I'll give it a try.

Scary: I know it's probably too late for this year, but who's leg do I
have to hump to get you to make an appearance at our independent
music/film festival A Midsummer's Nightmare '09?

My booking agent. You can get his info from Suzie, and thanks for
thinking of me!

Scary: Someone left a comment on one of my MySpace pages that you
and I could give Obama a run for the house. I explained the real point
to the whole thing, and there are actually going to be quite a number of
people demanding you as our new Commander In Chief. Even an 80
year old Southern Baptist woman told me she loved your ideas. What
do you think of all this, and did you expect people to respond in this

I did expect people to respond favorably to my ideas because,
unlike the politicians in this country, I get that people are pissed off and
want some action. I did my first town hall meeting in Seattle several
weeks ago to a standing room only crowd. I gave them my views on a
wide variety of subjects with my solutions to the problems. You see,
politicians say they have the answers to the problem and will let us
know how and when they will take action after they get elected. I gave it
to them right then and there.
Somebody must have liked what I had to say because when I was
through speaking for one solid hour, I got a standing O.

Scary: Well Sid, all good things must come to an end, but before we
close this, tell us when and where to get your new movie, and leave us
with some closing remarks about anything you feel like saying.
Thanks again, and I wish you and your lovely new bride a long, happy
life together.

The next film I'll have in release (as far as I know) is The
Brotherhood of Blood. That will be released in October on DVD, but
there will be a screening at the Erie Film Festival as well. Check my web
site,, for appearances around the country where I will
be doing more Town Hall Meetings.
Thank you so much for this opportunity.

Interview by- Scary Jerry

*Note: Let's all send our congratulations and sincere best wishes to
Sid and his wife Suzie! May your union bring you as much joy as Sid's
talent has brought to us...that and much more! Muhalo, my friends!

- Scary Jerry
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