Scary Entertainment Family. Tha Rucka is a talented young artist who
is rapidly becoming one of the hardest workers in the crew. His
enthusiasm serves as an inspiration to all of us, and he is always
ready and willing to improve his talents. Stand back and watch him

Scary: Well, thanks for taking the time to have this little sit
down with me. So when did you first decide rap was your

The Rucka:
Well, it was when I was young. My dad was always
into music, and it transferred to me. If you've ever heard of the
skinny boys (throwin'' it WAY, WAY BACK) my dad was a
substitute DJ for them. But anyways, i used to be 7
programming the worst beats you ever heard on a Yamaha
keyboard and rapping about killing people, and back then I
didn't even know who the hell ICP was lol. I was an eminem fan,
and still am, but a juggalo. So yeah from when I was young I
knew what I wanted to do

Scary: I've known ICP from day one, but if anyone one that
crew inspired me, it would be Twiztid. What age were you when
you first started to take it to the next level and start laying it
down for real?

Tha Rucka:
I was 11 and I was in this group called "dyNasty",
and we went to a professional studio with a friend, and then and
there I knew this was my true calling. We went back, and
planned on starting an album, but sadly the day we went to
record our first song, our manager/producer died. He owned the
studio too, and they stole everything, but I still had
aspirations....and from there, I'd say the point that I'm at now
started about a year ago, where I sat down and wrote practically
a whole album.

Scary: Who do you consider your biggest influence and/or
supporter in your craft?

Tha Rucka:
I say it was my parents. They always pushed me to
do my best.  And as for influence(s), I'd say about every rapper
1998 and below

Scary: I grew up in the eighties myself. I was teaching my little
sister how to break dance a couple of weeks ago. I actually
made the headspin...through my back out, but I did it...haha.
What's your favorite tune from the eighties?

Tha Rucka:
Ah....See I was born in '93 so that's a little tough,
but I'd have to say like some of the inner city posse shit,
honestly, and like the whole strait outta Compton album

Scary: Ya got N.W.A. but Inner City Posse didn't break the
scene until '90 before they became Insane Clown
Posse...gotcha...hehe. I told you I knew them from day one.
Seriously though, what kind of shit do you rap about? What's
the typical subject matter?

Tha Rucka:
It literally depends on factors. If I'm having a bad
day, It's about killing a mofo. If I'm having a good day, It's a
lighter topic. But like take "Questions". I woke up and saw
Bernie Mac had died, and honestly, I shed a tear. I'm half black,
and he made a lot of advances for African-Americans. But yeah i
saw that, and literally the first verse of questions just popped up
in my head.... It's whatever I see...or another example,
"Unbreakable". I was on the horrorcore forums, and everyone's
talking shit about my music. I just had to settle the score... They
still talk shit lol but they're cool, shout out to all them, Epitath,
Riley Escobar, all them!

Scary: Forums are full of flamers and trolls just trying to get
people to pay attention to them. I only bother with certain ones
where everybody knows to ignore them. Hear that trolls?
Nobody cares about you. Go hang your ass from a shower
curtain rod. There that should bring me some hate mail.
What...too soon? What one artist do you credit most for what
you're doing right now?

Tha Rucka: That goes strait to 'Em or Big. They both are lyrical
murderers, and can flip words like orange and silver, the only
words that aren't directly rhymed by another word, and make a
whole verse out of that shit.. I strive to be as good as them, not
quite there lol.

Scary: Where do you see this going and how do you expect to
get there? Any battle plans?

Tha Rucka: I see it going far. I see myself along with the rest of
Scary Entertainment becoming a major force in the
underground world along the lines of Psychopathic, Subnoize,
etc... I want us to rise up as a family and destroy them. As for
myself, I see it becoming an appeal because I'm younger and I
know the more contemporary shit, ya know? As far as plans,
I'm going to do my best on everything I touch until it turns to
gold. That's actually a personal quote of mine.

Scary: Good plan. It's good to have goals. You mentioned the
song "Questions" earlier. I was wondering if you intend on
making more political and social commentary in your lyrics.

Tha Rucka: Of course. I look a lot of this fucked up shit. I live in
Bridgeport, Ct. Look it up. We've had two corrupt mayors in a
row, and is one of the worst places to live in the country. Not
trying to make it sound good, but that's the shit i see. I go to
school and see people smoking drugs, other than pot, in the
bathroom. That's the shit i see, and as long as it's happening,
I'm gonna write about it

Scary: As the election approaches, what do you think is the
major issue facing our nation right now?

Tha Rucka: Everything. We have economic problems, health
care problems, you name it. We are the most fucked up country.
We need to stay the fuck out of foreign affairs, and worry about
domestic ones. I just pray McCain loses. My whole family are
huge Obama supporters, and he is the deciding factor over
whether this country lives or dies. Seriously

Scary: Tell me, where do you see yourself this time next year?

Tha Rucka: I see myself with an album out, and a steady fan
base. I don't know though, junior year is a little harder to deal
with, a lot more homework and SAT's, so yeah I see myself with
all the ingredients to be successful.

Scary: Well, thanks for spending some time to share with our
patrons. I appreciate your allowing me to interrogate you. I hope
it wasn't too painful. Do you have any closing words you want
to shout out there before we end?

Tha Rucka: Yeah, I love my fans, the few I have, and that this is
the best thing happenining to me, the whole Scary
Entertainment thing. Um, shoutout to my hype man Clepto, my
friends Mark (a complete dumbass), Jose, Jordan, Paul,
Jovanni, everyone that knows me in central, my family friends,
and if anyone wants to challenge me in Call of Duty, my
gamertag is Psych0pathikk, with a zero and two k's. Peace.
Much luv jerry!

                            Interview by- Scary Jerry
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