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Whaddup guys and ghouls? I just got the chance to sit down and ask a few questions to
Riggs of Scum of the Earth. I have to say that he is certainly a man of few words, but an
interesting cat anyway. Read on to check out the interview, and click above to visit Scum
of the Earth on MySpace. That's all there is to say about this one. I know this is different
than previous interviews, but it is what it is. Enjoy...for what it's worth.

Scary Jerry: First off, thank you so much for doing this interview.
You've achieved quite a bit in the industry. How much of it do you
attribute to Rob Zombie, or would you rather leave that in the past and
prove that you are your own man with your own sound?

Leave it in the past would be nice. A lot of people don't know
about the other bands I was in before Zombie...Skrew( first 2 cd's ) &
Prong , both good heavy stripper rock I'll keep doing what I
do and fuck 'em if they don't like it.

Scary Jerry: Scum of the Earth has taken things many steps further
than bands such as Gwar, Slayer, and other such artists. How much of
what you do is for shock value, and how much is simply artistic

None of it is for shock value , Its just things I think about and do

Scary Jerry: I've heard some really cool stories(and I have a few,
myself) like band members being left at rest areas and such. What is
your most memorable moment on the road?

Between the booze , the guns , the fights and dead bodies it's
hard to pick just one.

Scary Jerry: The road is a treacherous place that most fans can't even
begin to comprehend. What do you find is the most interesting and fun
part of it all?

Waking up in a new city everyday and watching it all unfold. I
guess the unexpected is what I dig.

Scary Jerry: What kind of things do you like to do to wind down after a
show and/or an entire tour is finished?

I don't ever unwind, and when the tour is finished, I want to do
another or start writing new songs.

Scary Jerry: What other forms of media interest you such as books,
movies, radio, etc. when you think about your future?

I don't think about the future...fuck that! I'm in it for the music
and that's it. I'll stop when I'm dead.

Scary Jerry: Speaking of future, I know your brand new album "Sleaze
Freak" (see, I do those shameless plugs for ya, bro...hehe) is now
available, but what comes next? Can we expect to see more albums in
the near future?

Yes. And I'm not going to wait 3 years for the next one.

Scary Jerry: On a different note, are you politically active or have any
opinions that you would like to share with everyone? You won't be
censored here, even if I don't agree with you. This is for all of your
fans, not just me.

Yeah , I hate it all. It's all bullshit for someone's image or ego.
Leave the politics to the politicians. They are the true experts of being
full of shit.

Scary Jerry: I could go on, but I'm trying to keep this short because I
know your schedule is busy. I just want to know when I can expect to
see you in the Cincinnati, OH area. We have a severe shortage of good
music around here, and I am trying to change that by any means

We are working on tour plans for Feb 08. Maybe something will
pop up before that.

Scary Jerry: Finally, I thank you again. It's been an honor. Best of luck
with your album sales. This is where I turn the floor over to you and let
you say anything you want to your fans and/or anyone in particular.

Check out the new CD and I hope you dig it. SEEYA!