Attention all living dead: services are about to begin. The dark
reverend of Eville is about to start his sermon. So, sit back and enjoy
the latest chat Scary Jerry got to have with Reverend Fang Gory about
everything from horror movies to renaming cities. And don't forget to
grab a copy of the Rev's newest release "Eville Dead", or it may
come back to haunt you later...much better to let it haunt you
now...hehehe!!! And don't forget to click above to visit his MySpace

Scary: Well, let me start, as usual, by thanking you for taking
the time to do this interview. This isn't for me. This is for the
fans. I know they appreciate it.

Reverend Fang Gory:
No problem. Thank you.

Scary: So, I have to ask. I'm sure you get this one all the time.
Was your name inspired by the magazine Fangoria?

Reverend Fang Gory:
Yeah, I can't lie a little.

Scary: No doubt. I have fond childhood memories of sitting at
the dinner table, eating lasagna while reading that mag. I
watched your videos on MySpace. You don't seem to make a
gimmick of the gore. It only appears slightly in your lyrics. Is
this something that you do intentionally or is it just how it all
comes out?

Reverend Fang Gory:
Well, with me, it goes way back I've been
rapping like this since day one. Born an raised in Detroit, I kinda
got a head start. No gimmick. I love dark music...scary movies.

Scary: I feel that. This is a great time of year to discuss scary
movies. So what's your all time favorite horror flick. I know
that's tough for the horror buff, but take a shot at it.

Reverend Fang Gory:
Let's see, "The Exorcist", because that
shit can really happen, plus it scared the piss out of me.

Scary: I knew you were gonna say that. That's mine too.
Especially the remastered version with the spider walk down
the stairs. Hell yeah. Now I have to ask you which of the new
versions you liked better. I, personally enjoyed both, but did
you have a favorite?

Reverend Fang Gory:
Yeah that was pretty crazy...still
something about that old one.

Scary: Cool. Let's get back to your music. Are you still residing
in Detroit? And do you plan on expanding beyond your current

Reverend Fang Gory:
Well, right now I live in Indiana, and yes,
I'm trying to go world wide.

Scary: It's a big world out there. I actually didn't know you were
in Indiana. What part are you in? I have a tour moving that way.

Reverend Fang Gory:
Evansville, Indiana. I call it "Eville Dead".
That's the name of my brand new LP.

Scary: Yeah, I caught that when you said Evansville. Maybe we
can get you in on our tour. Your live shows are something I
wanted to ask about. For example, the pentacle star, in the
background. Is that a statement of religion or just part of your

Reverend Fang Gory:
Hell yeah! Let me rock with yall, and no,
that was the club I was playing at(that put the star on the wall).

Scary: I kinda figured that(about the star). That usually takes
some pretty expensive equipment to create that effect. And
yeah, I'd be honored to have you as part of the tour. We're still
working on it, but so far, it runs from Memphis to the New
England states and back. Actually, I'd love to have you come
down to Cincinnati and do some shows with us. Tell me, what
is the most driving force behind your great music?

Reverend Fang Gory:
Life man. I feel if I don't, that there's
nothing left for me. Plus it's the only thang that makes me
happy. I feel like shit when I don't do it.

Scary: I feel that. Let me ask you to make one big statement to
all the fans and/or all the people out there. Even if you want to
say something to those who don't like you, here's your chance
to speak out.

Reverend Fang Gory:
Well, it's like this, I'm the vet nobody
really knows about but that's going to change open your ears to
something new. Fuck with me while I'm small an when I get big,
I won't forget none of yall, and if you ain't with me, then I'll see
you in Hell.

Scary: I feel ya. Thank you again for doing this interview. I hope
we will be able to work together and meet face to face soon.

Reverend Fang Gory:
Hell yeah, man, hit me up on the shows
an were can I see this interview and thanks again.

                               Interview by- Scary Jerry
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