Introducing, "Your Demon Dream and Favorite Fiend - The Unstoppable",
Rainbow Blight! She is the voice of rage and dancing dolly of the NYC hate
machine, Hate In The Box (
see review). Colorful and creative, she is art-in-
motion. Much love and mad props go out to her for showing her Scary Family
it or not, she didn't even regret it! Grab a handful of candy and a glass of Kool-
aid and enjoy this in-depth look into the mind of this diabolic doll.

Scary: First let me thank you for doing this interview and being one of
the coolest people I've come in contact with since starting Scary
Entertainment. I've always heard that New Yorkers are rude, but the
bands seem to stick together pretty well. Do you tend to see very
much feuding between bands in the "Big Apple"?

Not really, especially since we installed a Hyperboric acid
chamber on the backpacks of our Mechanized Penguin Deathsquad.

Scary: I recently visited your message boards, and I was surprised to
see a few people taking the time (or maybe they just have nothing
better to do) to sling a little mud at you. Most bands would pull those
messages off. Why do you allow them to stay up? Do you enjoy the
hate as much as I do?

We believe in freedom of speech. We only tape mouths shut
when it's consensual.

Scary: I have to ask... as a child, what kind of music did you listen to?

I didn't listen to much music as a child, but I did watch alot of
cartoons and tons of horror and sci-fi movies. I think the music from
those three are a big influence on my lyrics and certainly Optimus
Crime's keyboard playing as well. There's that crazy, tinkly stuff he
plays that makes you think of cartoons gone berserk, and the uber
creepy organ stuff, which is reminiscent of the music they play in
movies when they show the "Mad Scientist's Lair".

Scary: So what's your favorite cartoon?

My, and I think most children's, favorite time to watch
cartoons was Saturday. It really gave me the incentive to get up in the
morning, knowing that I'd get a good couple hours of cartoon fix. I think
my favorite cartoon is pretty obvious. I also liked Thundercats, My Little
Pony, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Chip 'n' Dale's Rescue Rangers,
Gem... all that cheesy stuff.

Scary: I was personally a big fan of the She-Ra cartoons. Hordak was
da bomb! If She-Ra and Rainbow Brite had a tag team match against
Hordak and Murky Dismal, what do you think would happen?

I thought She-Ra was hot, but I think it played at a time I
couldn't catch. I loved that she was a woman kickin' butt all over the
place. The first time I saw the movie Red Sonja, I thought it was She-Ra
brought to life, but she didn't have that kick-a** horse. Hordak is cool
because anyone who rules a horde is cool. Here are the results of the
tag team match: She-Ra would totally train Rainbow Brite in the art of
hand to hand combat and melee weapon use, using the motivation that
she'd be "putting alot of color" all over the floor by gutting her enemies.
Murky would be the first to go down, cuz he wouldn't have Lurky
backin' him up as muscle. Hordak would send in a horde of enemies
while watching from afar, and when the dust cleared, he'd either try to
finish them off or run away, as any villain with any sense would do at
that point.

Scary: I think you should write a song about it... hehe.


Scary: I heard about the misfortunes that befell the poor bunny at your
recent show. How's the recovery going? Do you think there will be any
lasting emotional effects?

I think the bunny is finally starting to learn its lesson. We'll
see if its common sense is stronger than its lust for candy at the next

Scary: Mixing punk and electronic music is a great way to draw a
range of individuals to your shows. What seems to be the most
prominent culture in your crowd?

We get everything from death metal kids to ghetto punks
hopping to our crazy beats. The best, actually, is when we play an event
where the college crowd is. First, there's this look of intense surprise,
then once the hypnotic suggestions kick in, they're completely ready to
do our bidding.

Scary: Do you find that most of your fans actually understand the
content of your songs, or do you get the typical "what are you talking
about" reaction?

I think the brainwashing is going along quite nicely actually.
The ACME Mesmotronic Audio Hypnotizer that we use during our
shows leaves an indelible image of our message in the minds of all
who hear us. We highly reccomend it.

Scary: Have you ever thought about writing a book of twisted
fairytales? I'd buy it. Maybe you could even end up with your own
cartoon series someday.

(Checks her book of evil plans) ...have you been looking
through this???

Scary: Great minds think alike... er um... twisted ones do too. Your art, I
dare say, stands out even more than your music. Is that just a hobby,
or do you plan on doing more with that in the future? Will I be able to
hang my very own Rainbow Blight above the mantle someday? You
know, a little something for the whole family to enjoy.

My art is just as important to me as the music, and they both
constantly influence each other. I couldn't have one without the other
and don't see any pause in sight! We intend for our future albums to
always have covers and art designed by me. We're working on posters
and possibly prints of my paintings and drawings to be available on our
site for the future.

Scary: You seem to have a very dedicated and growing fan-base. Is
there any chance that we'll be losing you to the mainstream any time

Once we take over the world, there will be no stream... only

Scary: That was the best answer EVER!!! Do you see Hate in the Box
coming to the Cincinnati area in the near future? It's a great place to
play, and the pay's prime (sarcasm)!

As construction steadily continues on the Hate in the Box
Gyrocopter of Doom™, the day grows near when it will be easier to
travel to more shows. All we ask is that our fans take the time to post
on our message board where the best places to play are, and request
us everyday at their local radio stations and rock zines, until they all
cave in to our will. A small price to pay in the name of DOOM!

Scary: Ms. Blight, it's a real pleasure, and thank you for being a sport.
Is there anything you'd like to add in closing?

Yes! While we love and appreciate all the choruses of praise
and hatred we constantly receive from our fans, we must protest. Our
delivery gnomes refuse to pick up anymore mail unless bribes of smut
or cupcakes are involved. They barely manage to deliver the mail
before they have to go back and fetch some more. Our floggers work
tirelessly to keep them motivated, but you can only do that for so long
before they start to go numb.
Interview by- Scary Jerry
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