We already spoke with an actor who helped pave the way for a new
generation of horror. Now, we get a chance to talk to a beautiful young actress
I believe to be a major contributor to the next generation of horror and
someone who may help bring back and preserve some of the great elements
that the genre has lost over the years, Nikki Homicide K. I hope you enjoy
reading the conversation as much as I enjoyed having it. So, put on the
popcorn, pour on the butter, and let's check in with the future of scary movies.

Scary: Thanks for spending some time with me and sharing with us
here. It's a pleasure to have you here at Scary Entertainment.

Thank you so much!  It's an honor Jerry!

Scary: So, how did you come to be involved in horror? You have this
uber-cute, sweet and innocent look about you. Did you look in the
mirror one day and say "hey, I'm really cute. I bet I could scare the hell
out of people!" or was this something that you just always wanted to

(laughing) Well, I've been a horror enthusiast since childhood.
Once I leveled my fear of trolls in the walls and a little boy named Gage
under my bed, I chose to love it vs. fear it, and the rest is history. But
that's not to say I don't  still occasionally jump at a zinger in the dark.

Scary: I live for the thrill of the scare that rarely comes these days, but
it happens on occasion. Well, tell us a little about what your involved in
right now. You don't seem to keep much down-time.

Oh, and as for the "innocent look", I still have yet to grow up.

Scary: I hope we never do.

Whew... Well, the next big feature on the list is an amazing
feature, directed by Jonathon Jones, called "Hunger". I play a troubled
girl who gets to watch her ex-fella meet his maker, but to find out more,
you have to buy the flick!  And on the horizon, I just signed on to the
next NFTS (Not For the Squeamish) road three-part featurette. I
promise there will be NO disappointment when that comes out. My
section is hardcore!

Scary: I look forward to both.  You haven't disappointed anyone yet,
from what I can tell. So, actress, director, writer, singer, model...did I
cover them all? You have your hands in a little bit of everything. Is
staying within a given genre your method of choice to manage it all or
do you have some secret that we don't know about?

I have a secret...

Scary: I don't suppose you'll reveal it (laughing).

Not today, but I promise to give you exclusive rights when it
happens.  I love Horror. I truly do, and I'll never not do horror. But I do
have wicked little film, currently in editing, that will be premiering in
Minneapolis to a house of over 400 that might shed a drop of blood, but
not a single element of Horror is involved.. rawr.

Scary: Sounds inviting. That may be worth a road trip. I was just
talking to a young girl, Kayla Perkins, earlier who is sort of following
your same path. She's only 14, and she's created quite a resume for
herself, only acting for a year. She's doing it all...singing, acting,
runway, print, pageant. Play the role model for a moment and tell me
what advice you would give to young girls like her who are just diving
head-first into this business...especially those living in a small town.
This is a tough business, and horror can be especially pressing on
young women.

Well, always stand your ground. Your comfort or sense of
morality is NEVER worth any film role.  Work hard, practice good ethics.
This is a job, so treat it as one.  And last, have fun and always
remember where you came from. At any point in your career you
always be what you were when you started. If you forget that, then
you've lost who you are. Also...practice, lessons. Keeping up with your
craft is more important than the film you do, if you want to be taken

Scary: That's very sound advice. I didn't even mention the morality
and comfort issue. I'm glad you addressed it. Too many lose sight of
that and compromise. I was watching your demo reel just a little while
ago. It looks great. How much input did you have on that? Was that
your project entirely?

No. It's only a collaboration of the projects I have available to me.
I wish I had more usable work, but I don't like to ask my directors for
any more than they have available to give.  I'm pretty
non-confrontational like that. They are just as busy as I am!

Scary: Do you usually try to retain as much creative control as
possible in your work, or do you just go with the flow?

Oh gosh...if I ain't footin' the bill, I have no say.  I'm not sure how
actors these days get away with diva like attitudes. Unless it's an issue
which could be harmful to my reputation, I'm the queen of "Go with the

Scary: I think a good deal of it comes from being pampered as they
were bred for the industry...my opinion.  There aren't enough natural
talents getting the job these days, and these born and bred into the
business can get away with being more demanding. I read your review
of "The Eye", and I have to say, I didn't even want to see it. I love the
original...same with "Pulse", the "Ringu" series, "Ju-On", and so forth.
I have to say, I think America relies too much on flashy special effects
and totally loses sight of the real horror in the darkness of the
unknown and unseen. We're even starting to ruin zombie movies.
That's the one leg up we've had in the genre. Are these things that you
think about when you're working on a film?

Oh hell yea! (Can I say hell? Scary: You can say anything you
want here.)
That is an issue I bring up often and one of the biggest
reasons I've lost faith in the Hollywood Horror Train.  There hasn't
been a good flick out since "The Descent", and even that missed some
elements.  What ever happened to the extraordinary substance of "The
Shining" or uneasy imagery like Zelda from "Pet Semetary"?  I want to
be involved in the film as an engaged participant...not as a CG hound
looking for the next "cool effect". "Poltergeist" gave us more to fear in a
snowy television than the entire premise of "30 days of Night".

Scary: There might be hope after all with people like you involved.
We'll have to stage a revolt against the industry if a master like Wes
Craven makes another film like "Scream". Another area that you've
dabbled in is music. Let's talk about The NHK Project. How did that
come about, and who all is involved? The big question that I've had,
and I'm sure others have too, is when can we expect more?

Aww...The NHK Project. That, my dear, is just a wee bit of
hobbyist fun.  I love to pretend I'm a rock star behind closed doors, and
a small company by the name of Black Light Productions(Craw and
Rich are "my boys") gave me the chance to explore that possibility! I
have two other recorded tracks on the way, and as I get more practice
in, maybe I'll have enough to release a novice album for the hell of it.  
But it's purely a labor of love vs. a career choice.  But that said, I am
glad people didn't laugh at me!

Scary: I enjoyed the track quite a bit. It, alone, is worth a visit to your
profile. I was actually going to ask if I could put you on one of our
podcasts. I hope you keep it up. I'd like to see you on stage someday.
So, what does the future hold for you, Nikki? Next movie...when and
where can we get it?

Let's see...my next few ventures are on the way! I think the
closest of all will be "Lust" (which finished filming in April). It should be
out later this year.  And after that, "The City" starring Ezra and one of
my more favorite actors, Greg Hernandez (the Dez), as well as a short
entitled "Independence" which also stars The Dez, Danny Mason, and
Landyn Banx. Beyond that is a bit of a secret for now, but expect big
things I'm only just getting started.

Scary: I'm sure many join me in the sentiment that I look forward to
seeing much more from you in the future. Well, thank you so much for
your time. It's a real treat for us to be able to add you to the list under
Sid Haig in our new category of interviews. We started with a
legendary actor and moved right on to the future of horror in a very
talented and thoughtful actress. Do you have any closing remarks you
would like to throw out there?

It's been an absolute pleasure to talk with you. I am truly grateful
for the opportunity, be it the first or fiftieth. I am amazed to know people
even care! I appreciate it more than you know.  And, to all who will
come to know me(as recycled as this is), you are just as capable of
anything you want. You just have to try.
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