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Last Update: May 12, 2015
Brand New Site With Old Site Style
(By: Scary Jerry)
Peep the New Podcast
(By: Scary Jerry)
As you can see, the website is under quite a bit of reconstruction and updating. I've taken it
back to the old flavor and started updating the content and features. There's some great stuff
on the boards, official store, a mobile version, and other new and improved things.
There's already some new social media integration on the Home page, and I've updated the
podcast player below. I'm still making decisions about the podcast. I asked Lotus to start
hosting it, and he created a Facebook page for it. It was becoming a valued asset, but he took
control completely, after I saw its popularity and started investing money into it, but hasn't
done anything with it since like September. In just that time alone, enough money went into it
to cover the cost of things that would have been bringing money in. It's certainly never been
about money. I've always spent more than I made, but that was money coming out of my
pocket that was doing nothing at all. So, we'll just have to see what happens there. I've been
thinking more about shutting it down completely, archiving the episodes on here, and adding a
complete Internet radio station to the site. That way, we could present more variety in the
types of shows presented to the fans. I'll also be adding an official YouTube page again. The
old one became just an irritant. This time, comments will be disabled. I don't have time for
YouTube critics, just lurking about being trolls and starting fights over Music videos or film
trailers. I'm coming up with some ideas for actual shows for the channel as well as trailers
and videos. I'll also post some video updates, so I can just tell you what's going on and what
to expect next. I'm sticking to the old look of the site, but I'm going to be doing things much
differently this time around. I'll get at least something basic up for CRYSTMYND also. I've
seen a lot of attempts to view that address, and there's nothing there. I'll put up some basic
info and some music, at least.