All hail, not the guy who burned Rome, but the guy who's
gonna burn up your ROM with some wicked, evil beats and rhymes.
Everyone welcome the newest member of the Scary Entertainment
Family and the first artist from outside the Family to sign with
Redoubtable Resonance Musick. Join us as we discuss his past, his
future, and the many illegal things we intend to partake of...haha!

Scary: First off, thanks for doing this. I want to help you get as
much exposure as possible. So how's the recording process
coming along?

No problem. Pretty good, Its not as easy recording stuff
yourself as it would be in a professional studio but It's comin'
along. I've figured out how to get the best sound out my voice,
etc recently.

Scary: When do you anticipate having a final project to
present to the world?

I like to give a date I can definitely live up to, so I'd say at
the latest early next year. Possibly sooner.

Scary: That's great. A question I know will come up is where
did the name come from and how did you decide to use that

Yeah. Well, I used the name Tres Six before... And since
at the time I was really into horrorcore I chose to Add Nero
onto it since thats about as extreme of a character their is. And
the whole Nero da Tres Six is inspired by Royce da 5 9's name.
So in whole the name means Nero the 666 (as in the Roman
Emperor). After using that name for a while its kinda hard to
change it and not start completely over. So I stuck with it since
thats what people know me as, plus I think its a unique strong

Scary: Have you seen the movie about Nero?

No, I've seen documentaries. I didn't know there was one.

Scary: Well, I'll send you a copy. He was a very complex
individual, and not the monster people make him out to be.
He's easily compared to Darth Vader, in my opinion. He did
what he did because of lost love. But don't we all in some
respect? So, how do you think Scary Entertainment's
Redoubtable Ressonance Musick label will change your future

Well hopefully it'll help me get exposure that will help me
connect with more people who would appreciate my music.

Scary: That is the intent, and I will do everything in my power
to see that happen. So tell me, what's your stage experience
been like? Do you have anything interesting to share about

Well I've only done open mics... So I've had shocked
reactions to my lyrics haha Like when I was performin' my
song "They Probed My Mind", I heard a lady say "Thats so
weird." I remember the very first time I performed, I stopped
payin' attention to my lyrics half-way through my second verse,
and my mind just went blank. It is a horrible feeling, as any
performer would know. But I picked it up at the next chorus and
finished the 3rd verse and final chorus and was surprised to
get a good reaction from the crowd. I don't even know if they
knew I screwed up. Except one person in the front from
another band said "uh-oh"...

Scary: Been there. I've been well known to make up new lyrics
on the spot because I lost my place...haha. So how did you get
started in this anyway? And how old were you when you
decided this is what you wanted to do?

Well, I'd say I got really into makin' music when I was 21.
I knew it was what I wanted to do, but I had no resources or
connections.  I had that desire to create, though. Like I just had
to express something, and music was always my favorite thing,
so it was natural to start making music myself. I started out
with a $30 keyboard from a pawn shop, a $20 radio shack mic,
an electric guitar, and some old mixing board that recorded to a
cassette. And I'd run wire's between my stereo and that thing
to add parts. I made rock songs and rap at first... Always usin'
my own music. Eventually, I got better equipment, started
using beats by other producers, concentrated on rappin', and
made a myspace page.

Scary: I was in high school and sang through a double-input
bass amp and mixed it with an ancient reel-to-reel...haha. Now
for the weird questions. It always gets weird towards the end.
What do you do in your spare games, movies, etc.?

I watch a lot of movies...always a good source of
inspiration.  I play some video games. I don't have the newest
systems though. I like some of the older games a lot...X-men
arcade version, Golden axe 3...haha! I also like hiking and
gettin' away from the hussle and bussle of the city. Listenin' to
music. I'm always checkin' out new artists.  I like reading, but I
don't do it enough. Damn TV  requires so much less
concentration...haha. I also work a lot, so I don't have tons of
spare time, unfortunately. My job's in Mental Health. When I
can, I like to chill wit my lil' lady. Drawing, too, is something I
like but don't do it much anymore.

Scary: Beautiful. I have those perfectly legal emulators on my
computer(though the game roms aren't leagal...hehe) that
allow me to play all of the original arcade games. That rocks!
So what's your favorite video game?

Nero: Do you have The x-men arcade version? I can't find a
working one anywhere, but I don't have the emulator.  Fav
game... Thats a hard one, probably Soul Calibur, or Gun. Do
have the emulator?

Scary: I have X-Men..three versions. Golden Axe, God you
name it. I'm incriminating myself...haha. By the way, there's no
working rom for Soul Caliber or Soul Blade, yet. They're still
hacking it.

Well, damn. I can still get Soul Caliber 2 easy enough.

Scary: So, do you read much?

You have to send me the x-men sometime!  I try to. I
used to read a lot more. I'd freakin' consume books. Believe it
or not, mostly philosophy and books about different religions.
I'm no longer into that stuff. But I am really into science. The
11th dimension, etc...haha! Right now, I'm reading
"Steppenwolf", "Journey to Ixtlan" (by Carlos Castenada), and
"Hell's Angels" (by Hunter Thompson).

Scary: You made me proud. I'm sending you a copy of "Fear
and Loathing in Las Vegas(the book is much better than the
movie), and I'm sending you my short story "Gone Too Long"
that everybody loves. You'll get a kick out of them. Well do you
have any parting words before we wrap this up? Say whatever
you want.

Cool. I've read "Fear and Loathing". It's great. Hmmm...I'd
like to say that all this polished, cut and paste music that's in
the mainstream is crap. I don't even wanna hear music by
people once they're millionaires.  Keep listenin' and I'll give you
something from someone who's doin' it for the music.

Scary: Cool. Thanks for doing this. Now that I see we have
more in common than I thought, I'll hook you up with more
emulators and roms than you'll have time to play with...haha.
Take care bro. I'm a physics buff too, so we'll have to talk
some science some time.
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