Coming Soon
Construction is finally about to begin on this area. As I stated in the FAQ, the audacity of film makers
demanding that I only give them good reviews in order to have permission to review them has prompted me to
not review them at all. There are two major points to be made about this. First, I don't need their permission to
do a review. It's insane that they would have the arrogance to think that they, as low-budget B-movie producers,
have more authority than the designers of our nation's constitution. Second, all regular visitors should have
figured out by now that I don't waste my time writing reviews of things that I don't like. Any independent film
makers who would like to be featured here (and don't have an attitude) are more than welcome to
contact me,
and I will be happy to publish your info and links in the future. But I have much better things to do with my time
than write reviews for people who don't appreciate it and think they are owed something because they...well,
who knows why they think that?

So, what's going here now? I thought we would just have some fun with it. Some of the bands that have been
reviewed and/or interviewed here will be contributing to some fun Top Ten lists. For example: "Steve Burris of
Crystmynd's Top Ten Sci-Fi Movies" would have a list of Steve's ten favorite Sci-Fi films, links, and some brief
comments (favorite scenes, quotes, etc.) by Steve about those films. I'll also put in some other fun stuff like
links, trivia, fan art, etc. Of course, we will have news and info about our own film projects and those that we are
affiliated with.

-Scary Jerry
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