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One of the busiest women in the business finally got a chance to sit down
and chat with me. We talked about her martial arts, video games, and so
much more. Read on and see what the "classy" side of True High Class
had to say. Be sure to show her some love on MySpace by clicking the
banner above.

Scary: So how long have you been performing?

Well, I've been in the local scene, here in Minnesota, since I
was 16.  I've done shows and I've been a hype-girl since
almost 4 years.

Scary: Were you always interested in music or did you have other
aspirations as a child?

Music was always my thing, since I could speak and stand.
I also have a career in the Martial Arts.  I currently run a Martial
Arts school in Wisconsin, so you could say those goals have been
met. Ha ha.

Scary: I was into martial arts from 8-17 yrs old myself. I had a
private trainer in my uncle's gym. How do you balance the music
and teaching?

Very carefully. Ha ha.  It's a nice balance.  I teach three and
up during the early evening, and I work on my music any chance I
get. And, performances are always in the late evenings and
weekends, so it works out quite well.  I'm considerably lucky to be
able to do both.

Scary:  That you are. You ever do any David Lee Roth jump-kicks

Every now and then, yes.  Ha ha.

Scary: My girlfriend got cracked by a riding crop at an Electric
Hellfire Club ever injured

Not that I know

Scary: So how did you get paired up with ill e. gal? I talked to her
about it, but I'd like to get your version.

Well, I met her through a good friend of mine about 2 years
back.  And I heard she was a rapper from the East Coast.  I
remember being a little bit on edge about it because most of the
other females I've met in the music industry were always mean, or I
just didn't get along with them.  We met, and we just clicked.  We did
the song 'Royalty Girls' in one night, and that was that.  She asked
if I'd help her get-to-know the locals, and I began to help her hype
and put together a stage performance.  After about a year we
decided to join our efforts and start True High Class, and the rest is

Scary: Any plans of going solo for a change?

It's always been in the back of my mind.  I've been on one
indie label to the next, and my projects seemed to be left on the
back burner.  I know after the True High Class debut, ill and I both
plan on pursuing solo careers.

Scary: You guys look very different, but that attracted me more to
your work. How would your solo style differ from hers?

That's something that confuses me on a daily  We
are complete opposites...the only thing we really have in common
is a love for music, and a vagina.  I love to sing, so I know my solo
would be more R&B hip hop, or more "bluesy".  I can do both, so I
like to put it together, and I think that's what will separate our
sounds.  I know ill is more into that 'punk/rock' sound, which I love,
too, but it's not for me to make.

Scary: I can see Are you as political as her?

Not at all.  I mean, I do have opinions, and I do say what
needs to be said, but I like to keep it real, I like to be me.

Scary: Word. I talked to her about trying to bring you guys to the
grand ballroom of the Historic Southgate House. I'm still in talks
with people about that. What's your take? Are you down for it?

I am down for anything.  I love to travel and go places and
meet new people.  We've traveled quite a bit last year, so I would
love it.

Scary: I'll keep working on it. I want to guarantee you some good
cash. I almost always ask this one...what's your favorite cartoon?

As of late, Aqua Teen and Family guy.

Scary: You rule!!!

lmao. 'Bout time I ruled at

Scary: I love them too. Those are my two favs.

Yeah, I can't get enough.

Scary: You don't seem to have a lot of spare time, but what do you
like to do just for fun?

Yeah, I really don't have a lot of spare time, but when I do
get a second to kick up my feet, I play video games. I've started
reading a book about Al Capone.  I love reading about killers and
organized crime, I don't know why, it's just interesting.  Otherwise,
if I have a night off I like to go out...drink with my friends.

Scary: Two more things we share in common...books and video
games. Have you read any of Hunter S. Thompson's work?

Very little, but I would love to read more.

Scary: He was my hero. I miss him dearly, but I do wish he had
written more dark fiction/crime-type stuff. What kind of video
games do you like? I'm a Zelda freak

Word.  I'll have to look into it.  And, video games, I do love
the Zelda games, but me and the man of the house have been
obsessed with Final

Scary: Oh yes. That's a good series. I love Tomb Raider as well.
Speaking of the man of the does he handle the
attention you get on stage? I've found it stressful with my ex's.
That's why some of them are ex'

Ha ha, he does very well.  He's a rapper as well, goes by the
name of Mereness from the Playaz Lounge Crew.  He's known as
"the hot one with baby blue eyes" lol.  We both get a lot of
attention from the opposite sex.  But, I know we're both faithful,
and we can't get enough of each other.

Scary: That's great. My wife is on the other side of the country
right now, so I envy you. Does he attend most of your shows?

Thanks.  Yeah, he comes to virtually all of them, and it goes
both ways, I try to go to every Loonatix show I can.

Scary: I understand they rule the underground of the area. Exactly
how big is their support locally?

Oh man, Loonatix is amazing.  I've been a fan of their work
since I was 14...  I drove two hours south of the cities for no reason
to check 'em out, and I've been hooked ever since.  All the boys
have become my good friends.  They have a great following, and
definitely deserve everything they have.  It's really cool to see local
guys making some noise.

Scary: I love the vids, by the way. I hope to see more. You guys
ever think about putting together a DVD?

Yeah, we have hopes in doing a lot of things: DVDs, CDs,
and Posters.  It's been cool, we just got new hooded sweat shirts

Scary: Keep me updated on that stuff. I like to show my love every
way I can.

Word.  We are in the works of a web store.  But, until then,
you have to order it and receive snail mail style.

Scary: I'm putting together a web store myself. I produce films on
the side, and I'm merging the two areas together as much as
possible...bands on soundtracks, merchandise in films, etc. I hope
to get you guys in on it.

For sure. Maybe someday. I give a lot of credit to those who
can do stuff like that...I know those are fields I wish I knew more

Scary: I'm paired up with a great director/writer. We are releasing
"Avenging Disco Vampires" very soon.

Sounds strong...already got my

Scary: Horror/Comedy...if we can't scare ya, we'll make ya Well, let's bring this to a close. Any last words?

Word.  Thanks again Scary Jerry!  And be sure to check out
our website at  You can find myself, and ill
e. gal on there, as well as our MySpace pages.