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Oh no? Oh yeah!!! P.T. Grimm is hate personified. Their new
Entropy's Sideshow is thirteen tracks of pure sin-phony.
This is what Marilyn Manson wanted to sound like, but he just didn't
have enough anger to pull it off. Once you start listening to this
disc, you have to keep going just to see what they're going to say
next. The music alone is a remarkable display of talent and a credit
to the Alternative Metal/Shock Rock genre, and the vocals are
versatile enough to make each track stand out from the one
before. It would be impossible to pick a favorite, but some of the
songs I never tire of hearing are
Crummy, Watch Me Ruin
, Entropy's Sideshow, and So, How Does The Floor
 The last track, Panophobia..., just has to be mentioned. It
could be an album of its own (If you haven't heard it, you just can't
understand). There is no way around it... P.T. Grimm is without a
doubt one of the best bands the genre has to offer. Enter their
world by clicking the banner above... if you think you can handle it.
Note: Brand new press photo of P.T. Grimm! Thanks
to their lead vocal offender, Michael H. for the pic.
And On Another Note: My appologies to the Grimm
crew for the "crummy" banner that I originally made
for this review. I was in a hurry. Hope everybody likes
this one better! (But nobody tell Red Leigh Cooper. I
don't think she noticed her crappy banner...hehe!)
Click to visit Flesh Eating Foundation
Attention Industrial bands: do you sound like this (click the banner
above)? No? Well, then you're not an Industrial band! Listening to
Flesh Eating Foundation brought back fond memories of hanging
out at the Warehouse on 1313 Vine ST and smoking clove
cigarettes while Die Krupps and the Electric Hellfire Club danced
across the video monitor. Yes, I was alive again if only for a
moment. The versatility in this UK trio is remarkable. Their original
work bounces from Industrial to Goth with brilliant use of both male
and female vocals. Well worth mentioning is the fact that they've
put their own spin on artists ranging from Dead or Alive to Britney
Spears. This is without question one of the most original and
impressive Industrial acts out available to the new generation. It's
good to know that real Industrial music will survive to see the
passing of another decade of dissonance.
Canada has officially redeemed itself, in our eyes, and we forgive
them for Celine Dion. This is due only to the fact that they have
given us Living Illusion. These southern BC brothers (I know...BC
had already earned the respect of many of us by giving us another
quality "product" ...hehe) are cranking out some quality tunes in the
hard rock/alternative vein. Backed up by the drums of Jann Arden's
Lyle Molzan, Shane and Jason Lamotte's sound blends elements
ranging from a darker version of Jars of Clay to a more edgy
version of Creed. Any fans of the genre would surely embrace their
entire catalog, but select tracks would appeal even to those
listeners with strictly underground tastes. Recommended tracks
would include
Into the Unknown, Standing By You, and Whispers.
My personal favorite is, without a doubt,
Turning Around. The only
real complaint would be that the samples are too short, but that is
by design, of course, to get you hooked in to buy the disc. No
complaints there, though. Right now, you can get the CD and a
bonus DVD for $15 (shipping included for online orders). Well, we
Americans have to pay $16.97, but we deserve it for unleashing
the Dixie Chicks on an unsuspecting world.

Check out Living Illusion by clicking the banner above (when will
you people learn to do that without me telling you?). They've got a
well-designed site with tons of samples, info, and even a couple of
videos for you.
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