Kill The Messenger is the name of the band, but don't kill this
messenger... I bring good news. First bit of good news is... you
can hear some skull-splitting tracks of brain-bashing metal by
clicking the banner above to take you to Kill The Messenger's
website! What!? You want more good news? You can catch these
guys live around the Cincinnati area all the time. They seem to
keep a pretty steady schedule, so there's no excuse for missing
The first thing I thought when I popped in their demo was "this is
some good death metal!" As I continued to listen, I said "wait this
isn't death metal. This is more grindcore... or... doom? No.
Industrial?" I think you get the picture. Kill The Messenger is like
Tool teaming up with Macabre after a complete nervous
breakdown. If you're a big fan of mainstream or popular metal,
listening to this is probably going to cause you some serious
emotional problems that will require immediate medical attention. If
you enjoy a good mind-warping every now and then, I think you just
found what you were looking for. There, that's more like it. Now
feast on those mp3s and give that brain what for!
Walt, C.R., Bob, Mike, and Mick are all a disgrace... Angel's
Disgrace that is! These guys bring it straight, hard and heavy, right
smackin' in ya face wit some wickit metal style. I have personally
had the pleasure, not only to see these guys live, but I hung with
them before and all night after the show. True rock 'n' roll artists
with true hardcore sounds. If Godsmack could put on a better live
show, I'd compare the two. Since Godsmack sucks live, I won't
insult Angel's Disgrace like that (ha! Just when you thought I was
going to stop taking shots at you little wannabe metalheads, I go
and throw one at Godsmack! Bring on the hatemail!!!). Angel's
Disgrace has one of the best performances of any band in
Cincinnati, and they don't need five hundred people in the crowd to
do it. They are highly energetic and sooo angry! Just hop over to
their site by clicking the above image, and take a look for yourself.
Things are really looking up for the Cincinnati area (brings a tear to
my eye). Execs, take notice! The Cincy Metal scene is building an
army, and these guys are supplying the tanks!
Hailing from Austin, Texas, Red Leigh Cooper has been tearing up
stages with her own brand of Alternative Hip-Hop/Metal since she
turned eighteen. Backed up by her band StoneKracker, she has
graced the stages of the Vans Warped Tour '01 & '03 as well as
the SXSW Festival '01, '02, and '03. There are sites all over the
Internet featuring her aggressive rapcore styles, keeping her at the
top of the download charts. I downloaded a couple of her tracks
myself from Funender Music and loaded them onto my Xbox.
Killing's ten times the fun when it's done to the soundtrack of
song's like
D.F.H. and No Disrespect. Click the banner above to go
to her website and get the latest updates on her fourth album and
concert schedule. This is one rising star to keep your eyes on. She
has the raw talent and drive to take her wherever she wants to go,
and I'll bet that's exactly where she's going... wherever she wants
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