The Dollyrots is quickly becoming a favorite here at Scary
Entertainment. Taking you back to the days of old school punk,
they are a far cry from our typical bands. The Dollyrots is where
Ramones meet Go-Go's. The new generation might have some
hope after all! The mp3's on their website have mostly an indie and
retro-punk sound, but there's just something about Kelly's vocals
that sets them apart from anything else in the genre. The music is
tight and aggressive, but again, it's the childlike crooning that you
can't help but fall in love with. This is fun and innocent sounding
music that has a hint of rebellion with a dash of brat thrown in for
flavor. This is the kind of teen angst that won't have the teachers
wearing kevlar.
Already attaining some Mtv status with their track
Jackie Chan
being played on the Road Rules & Real World challenge, these
kids are definitely going places. Let's just hope the industry doesn't
destroy them before they even get their first album on the shelves.
It would be a shame to see this group change (though we all know
that the execs mean well... uh, yeah).
Check out their music by clicking the image above. The stand-out
track would have to be the lullaby-like
Goodnight, Tonight. This
song brings to mind dreamy visions of malt shops and old Chevys,
and there's just something a little twisted about Scary
Entertainment's Voodoo Crew sitting around day dreaming about
that! We're sick!
Here's another big departure from what you've come to expect
from Scary Entertainment. Julii is an extraordinary talent from
Australia who can liven up any club with her energetic
dance/electronica sounds. Though most of her music is strictly
dance oriented, her vocals and lyrics could easily cross over to
pop. She blends a unique vocal mix, with ethereal and sometimes
"trippy" effects and beautifully awkward harmonies, over a driving
dance beat. Though most tracks are musically typical of the genre,
her experimental vocal style shines through on tracks such as

Dream of Me(original version)
and What Do You See(original
More of that would be great, but is the mainstream pop
world ready for it? Maybe not, so she brings dance chart and radio
friendly tracks like the
Falling and Am I Alone mixes. It's a shame
we don't get to hear more of the original versions and experimental
work, but she will have plenty of time to go back to that after she
has made her mark on the Billboard (which I'm sure she'll do).
Check her out at her website by clicking the banner above, and it's
recommended that you go to the Australian version of her mp3
page. There's much more variety available there.
There are three things that I have heard said about Pulse8 around
the Cincinnati area... "They're not all that. You should hear my
band", "They're okay, but my band's better", and "They may just be
the saviors of the local metal scene!" Okay, that was me that said
that last one, but I stand by my word! Pulse8 is one of the best
blends of style found in the Cincinnati area. The vocals are
aggressive, heavy, melodic, and at times, what would be described
in some circles as def, phat, or mad fresh. The music can be
described as just plain HEAVY. Though the quite notable guitar
arrangement is original enough to stand on its own, the vocals are
the definite divider between Pulse8 and others of the genre. When
they take the stage, the energy level raises the crowd like a musical
amphetamine.  If you find this hard to believe, go to their website
by clicking the banner above, and "U will Puse8!" They have a very
well designed site that includes tons of features such as audio and
even live video clips for your listening and viewing pleasure. Hit
their guestbook and tell them that Scary Entertainment says "thank
you, Pulse8, for bringing some variety to our metal!"  
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