It continues to amaze me how much talent is rising up in the
Mid-west area. This band, Counter Clockwise, is one of the
leaders of the pack. With an excellent blend of old school thrash
and their own trademark sound, they are sure to please any avid
metal fan. This is Slayer for the new generation. Don Herrmann
and Stafford Duncan simply shred the guitars, and the bass of
Sean Myers along with the drums of John Crummel create a
pulse-raising rhythm that beckons you into the pit. Stafford
informed me that the vocalist on their current tracks, Micheal, has
been replaced by Danny Petrusevski, bringing an even heavier
element to the group. Check out the three tracks at their impressive
website by clicking the image above. Go ahead and get a taste of
what to expect from Counter Clockwise. You might just kick
yourself if you don't!    
We at Scary Entertainment have never been big fans of insincere,
feigned angst and pain... therefore, we bring you Vulgaras. In an
industry full of gimmicks and sideshows, the sound of reality has
emerged from NYC. With Oz on guitar, Goddess Diana's drums,
and Ammo's bass creating a symphony of aggression that shames
the best that the mainstream has to offer, Velocity Chyaldd has no
problem letting her feelings show in hatefully thought-provoking and
painfully emotional vocals. If there was ever any doubt of the
corporate music industry's fear of showing the world for what it is,
Vulgaras' unsigned status is all of the proof you would ever need.
Vulgaras holds up a black mirror in which society can see itself and
the monsters that it has created. Aptly named, they can only be
described as crude, vulgar, offensive, and most of all... honest.
The music is fitting to the NYC-style punk genre, but it certainly
goes outside those bounds in a very original way. The vocals and,
especially, the lyrics are the strongest selling points. But don't take
my word for it. Go to their website by clicking the banner above.
Be aware that the website is not for the easily offended (I don't
know why you people come here anyway) and the images and
lyrics are of a graphic nature. Face the real world and face
First and foremost, Scary Entertainment does not endorse getting
on stage and beating yourself bloody... we suggest that you
reserve that anger for Justin-tolerable Timberlake fans (there's a
lawsuit). That said, we present Hackstitch. The band refers to its
style as "industrial death rap", which sums it up pretty well. In the
vein of Slipknot, Hackstitch serves up a helping of death metal with
a side of electronica to create an aggressive mix of styles. The
industry is certainly seeing more and more bands attempt this, but
most don't produce the individual qualities that set them apart.
Hackstitch seems to have found a way to retain a style of their own
while appealing to fans of the genre. When listening to
Severed At
it's quite easy to see that this band is doing its own thing.
This is an older track that leaves you asking "Where's the album?"
We'll be sure to keep you updated on that.
Controversial stage antics that are sure to keep them out of many
venues seem to be the groups forte. This may make their live
performances fewer, but the crowds will just get larger. This is a
crowd pleasing band that promises a memorable performance at
any cost. Check out their website for more info. Just click above
and enjoy!
It's official, Scary Entertainment is taking a trip to NYC! This is the
second unbelievable band we've found terrorizing the city... we
must join in. Hate in the Box is a high-energy,
electro-punk/industrial trio that leaves your heart racing from an
Adrenalin shot of pure rage.
Porcelain and Bloody Ballerina, from
their newest release
Razorblade Fairy Tales, brings a heavy
groove with up-front, haunting keyboards straight out of a horror
movie. Well worth mentioning is their prior release
Broken Toys.
Get this disc while you still can!!! It's worth your cash just for the
Sunday Best.
With the always colorful Rainbow Blight on vocals, MephisToy on
bass, and Optimus Crime on everything else, this group is a
mind-reeling experience in technicolor hate that you'll remember for
years to come. Every song is both an anthem and a twisted
nursery rhyme for a generation of children from the Island of Misfit
Toys. No CD collection is complete without this soundtrack for
your night terrors. Experience the art, sounds, and tales of Hate in
the Box by clicking the banner above.    
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