Dead To Self is what we at Scary Entertainment would have to call
a 4-H band. No that's not an insult!!! That's Heavy, Hardcore,
Highly recommended, and in this case "Heaven-bound". If I'm not
badly mistaken, these guys are Christians or at least practice some
type of faith in God. Do
NOT be deceived. This is one of the best
bands I've heard in a loooong time. Scary Entertainment is no
stranger to the Christian music industry, and these guys are every
bit as good as some of our favorites like Living Sacrifice and
Mortification. This young group has got their game together and
are ready to make some waves. Visit their website by clicking the
link below and check out their MP3's. I'm listening to
Red Earth
right now. I'd also highly recommend
This Peace. CHECK THEM
OUT!!! You pagans might be surprised!  
I have to be honest. There's only three conditions under which I
have ever heard "Great band from Hebron, Kentucky" come out of
anyones mouth... they were really drunk, they were friends with the
band, or they were in the band. Now I'm about to say it, and I'm
none of the three... this is a GREAT band from Hebron,
Kentucky!!! Here's
their 4-H's... Heavy, Heavy, Heavy, and Heavy.
This is true heavy metal, and I'm using the word "heavy" as an
adjective not a style. This is not "big hair-1980's" garbage. This is
how we always thought heavy metal should sound. They are a
credit to my old stomping-grounds. Thank God somebody's
making some good, original music out there. Check out their
website to hear their MP3's. Just click either of the links below by
the picture and enjoy. I recommend
My God, Killing League, and
I'm sure you'll be seeing more of them at Scary
Entertainment. That is... if they don't get too big for a little 'ol group
of sub-dwellers like us.  
What can I say about a band like this that hasn't probably already
been said? Masterful music with incredible vocals and
thought-provoking lyrics. I understand why they have been
compared to bands like Tool, but I have to rate them a step
above. Why I haven't seen these guys on Mtv or heard them on
mainstream radio can only be answered one of two ways... I don't
watch Mtv or listen to the radio very much (which is true), or they
are the missing link to prove my theory that talent means nothing
to record executives (also true). No words of mine could give you
even a faint glimpse of the musical experience that is Salem's
Childe. You must hear it for yourself. They are only a click away at
the banner above. Which brings me to my next point... the website.
This is BY FAR  the best website I have seen for
any band. I spent
hours browsing this site. Bands with million dollar budgets haven't
put this much effort and thought into their sites. I will be visiting this
one often myself, and I'll certainly be keeping an eye on this band's
progress. Guys, I only have two words of advice for you... DON'T
Looking for something different? You must be if you're at Scary
Entertainment. Because we bring you bands like Shoat. Never
heard of Shoat? Go flog yourself!!! This is the kind of music that
makes all this worth my time. I'm not going to waste words trying
to describe this musical manifestation of your darkest nightmares.
This is something you just have to hear. Shoat is a little bit Skinny
Puppy, little bit Electric Hellfire Club, little bit Ministry, and a whole
lot of SHOAT. Original, creative, and theatric are the only words I'll
use. Go see for yourself by clicking the link above, or you can also
find their Vector Army link on Scary Entertainment's Home page.
I'll let them speak for themselves. By the looks of their live
performances, they seem to do a very good job of that. GO! Go
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It's good to see a band like this from Cincinnati. Not only are these
some top-notch musicians, but I don't get that vibe of arrogance
from them. Detached brings some heavy music that can appeal to
old and new school metalheads. They have a heavy groove with
some great harmonies and aggressive yet mostly clear vocals. It's
hard to get that kind of aggression in your voice and still be
understandable. And it's important to be understood when you've
got something to say like they do with
Product. Being just across
the river from these guys, I have a bit more insight into the song
than some might. I got the message loud and clear. Great vocals,
guitar groove, dead-on drums, and driving bass make this a mosh
pit masterpiece. You can get a look at them on their website by
clicking the logo above. If this band is any indication of things to
come, things are looking up for the 'Nati.   
Note: Shoat site no longer available! Sorry,
we hated to hear it too.