Whiskey, fried chicken, and beating the Hell out of stop signs...what
do these things have in common? Well, you could be at a redneck
picnic, or it could be the conversation I just had with Tre from the tight
leather, eye-liner, ass-kicking rock 'n' rollers Evil Twin. After you get
her name off the bathroom wall, check this interview out and mind you
don't have a slip of th tongue. Alright then! No more Faster Pussycat
jokes. I wouldn't want to get thrown into a house of pain.

Scary: First off, thanks for taking the time to do this interview
with us. Tell me how you got started in this.

Well for me music was a family thing, everyone in my
family played or had a huge appreciation for music.

Scary: I can relate. I started the same way. I see that you're a
Faster Pussycat fan. What do you think of Newlydeads?

The Newlydeads aren't too bad, but not quite all the things
that I loved about the original Faster Pussycat...it's kinda like
chocolate cake without the frosting, but then again, I'm way
into alot of older glam rock, so that could also be part of it.

Scary: Cool. What makes you think that you can bring back
this classic style with a younger line-up?

Well, I think it's one of those styles that never really goes
away. I mean, essentially, it's just plain gritty rock n roll, and
that's always been there but just has that ebb and flow that
alot of classic/timeless music does. Ya know, it's like people will
always want to listen to music that makes them enjoy having a
good time and just plain having fun. That. and I think, once
again, people want to see a more glamorous musician image
presented at times.

Scary: I agree. I think you have the feel of the classic metal, but
the edge of a newer band. I hope that doesn't offend. What
record labels are you trying to market this sound through?

Thanks, and of course, no offense taken. Well the first
album we did was picked up to a local indie label here in seattle
before we had even finished it, which was a complete shock to
the whole band. We've just finished recording our second full
length album which we're not quite sure what labels we'll be
shopping it to just yet, but some ones that have interested us
are Blackheart Records (we're all huge Joan Jett fans), that
label that nikki sixx is heading up...eleven seven music I think it
is...and then perhaps some smaller indies in both the States
and Europe. And the label that put out our first cd is Flotation
Records. They do a huge variety of rock stuff in this area.

Scary: I'm good friends with a band on Blackheart. I'm a big
fan of Joan myself. If all else fails you have Redoubtable
Ressonance, which I own...haha. Shameless plug. What would
you say are your main age groups that you see in the crowd?

Hehehe thanks! And there's nothing wrong with
shameless plugs...gotta get the word out somehow...age
groups...well, for us, it's mainly people of drinking age, 'cause,
well it's easier to have fun when your able to drink...perhaps,
but really I think usually it's like a mid-twenties and up type
crowd that we usually draw...people that can relate and really
get into a great live show and good catchy music.

Scary: I agree. I've done my fair share of all-ages shows, but it
seems like the best reaction comes right around the time that
people get their buzz on. I even said that you never want to go
on first or last, because you want to catch the crowd when
they're feeling good but before they're staggering
drunk...haha. On the subject of stage. What does a typical
stage show consist of for you?

Our stage shows are never really typical, other then the
fact that it's four guys doing what they love and having fun. But
usually it's a sweaty, drunkish romp on stage. I feel that the
only way to mark the level of how good the show was, is how
badly your bleeding, how much your sweating, and is the
crowd right there along with you. A lot of people have
compared our live performances to a cross between the dolls
and like 70's Aerosmith.

Scary: Not by style, but your words remind me of PT Grimm.
They do their best to give the crowd literal blood, sweat, and
tears. Tell me, do you have any funny or nightmarish road
stories you'd like to share?

Nice, see that's something a lot of bands don't get these
days...the more you give to your audience, the more they will
give back to you. It's a total symbiotic type exchange. Oooh
road stories, we've all got a few. Personally, I haven't had
anything too terribly crazy happen while on the road, but then
again we've only been outside of our own little state a couple
of times. I think the funniest thing that happened during that
was while in San Jose. We were at some bar that was totally
packed, and I was talkin' up some girl. Suddenly, the rest of the
guys decided it was time to go, and I walk out of the bar to see
my drummer in a fist fight with a street sign. And right across
the street is a huge line of cops.

Scary: I want to switch gears a little, as I always do. What do
you like to do in your down time?

Down time...I wish I had that. Pretty much in my time off
from Evil Twin, I'm working on other music projects. It's kind of
an addiction for me.

Scary: I feel that. You have anything you read, video games
you play, or movies you watch?

Tre: Well, I'm
a big sci-fi movie fan...just went and saw the new
Incredible Hulk movie the other day...which I must say was
pretty kick ass, and I think the last book I read was the Heroin

Scary: I haven't seen it yet. I liked the first one. Do you ever get
into Hunter S. Thompson or any Gonzo-style writing?

Oh, I'm a huge fan of Hunter S. Thompson, and Jim Carroll
is another writer that I'm all about. And I think for me it's mainly
just the interest of how scattered their minds and way of
writing exactly what goes on in their head.

Scary: Ahh...a man after my own heart. Tell me, (I told you this
was the weird turn) What's your favorite cuisine?

I actually do alot of cooking, and I'm a big, big fan of the
Southern-type stuff...ya know fried chicken, fried catfish, red
beans and rice...cajunie stuff.

Scary: You and I would get along beautifully. We'd just have to
fight over the grill...haha. So what are your plans for the
future? After you find a new label, where do you go from there?

Hahaha! Well, as long as you don't touch my cast iron
skillet, I think we'd be fine. Plans for the future...ohhh a drink or
twenty. Seriously...well, we're planning on a video for the title
track for the new album "Hollywood", and then maybe a West
Coast tour and European tour, if things work out nicely. I think
ultimately whether or not a new label happens won't really
change much in what we want to do...which is just get the
music out to as many people as possible, and play as much as
we can.

Scary: Well said.  Before we wrap this up, I want to give you a
chance to say whatever you want to all of the fans out there.
Have at it friend.

Thanks! And to the fans, all I have to say is thank you for
the interest and support and, of course, to continue supporting
your local bands. Get out and see shows. Have fun, maybe get
the t-shirt, and of course, tell your friends about good music
'cause it should be friends don't let friends have crappy taste in
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