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The Doctor is in...your head, that is! Kick back and twist your already bent
minds with this conversation between Scary Jerry and Dr. Gigglez, as
they discuss cheap strippers, green vomit, kicking bloody babies, naked
monkey dances, and Japanese horror. Call it sick. Call it disturbing. We
call it entertainment!

Scary: First, thank you for taking the time to do this interview for
Scary Entertainment. We look for the best, and you're next.

Dr. Gigglez:
No problem. Anytime. Thank you, as well. I love
talking with folks about what's going down in the underground !!!

Scary: So how have things changed since hooking up with

Dr. Gigglez:
A lot, I have to say. My world has opened up. I've
gotten to play shows I probably would have never gotten, such as
an opening slot at Twiztid's Bootleg Banner Tour...opening for Tech
9. I also had my own set at the Gathering of The Juggalos last year.
I have also been a masked guy for Wolfpac on tour for Twiztid and
Insane Clown Posse. Plus, I have gained tons and tons of fans,
and it has been a great feeling to be able to hit the masses of
people...great networking between artists.

Scary: It really is who you know in this business. One connection
can turn your whole world around. Wolfpac, despite their success,
has remained pretty grounded. When I met up with them at ICP's
first show of "The Tempest" release party, I and my friend were
treated like old friends. Venue management didn't want to let us in,
but Buddha hooked it up in minutes. Everyone says they won't,
but, honestly, do you think you'll be as personal with your fans as
you are now, as your popularity grows(and I'm sure it will)?

Dr. Gigglez:
I love hanging out with fans. I treat them as one of my
homies, because if it wasn't for them there would be no Dr. Gigglez.
A lot of times I've hooked up fans with free shit cuz they had no
money. I was like fuck it, I'm a people person. So for those reading
this, when you see me, say "what up?" I do not bite!!!

Scary: I've been crucified by other band members(one more
reason I'm glad I went solo) and managers for giving shit away
and letting people in free. For example, giving away discs and free
downloads helps spread the word better than anything. It also lets
your fans know you appreciate them. What's the craziest fan
experience you've had so far? I know there are plenty more to

Dr. Gigglez:
Well, I have had a couple: one that was strange, and
one that was pretty cool. The one that was strange was I was
taking a piss at a show that Wolfpac was playing in Worcester, and
a kid spotted me and, while taking a piss, asked me for an
autograph. The other really cool one was at the Gathering last year.
Some kid caught the bloody baby I kicked in the crowd and wanted
me to autograph it. A lot of fans have smoked me up, which is ill. All
in all, I have never had a bad situation with fans.

Scary: I always appreciate a fan sharing the stash with me. The
only time that back-fired on me was when I just came off stage at
an outdoor festival wearing three shirts, including a black vinyl
sleeveless trench, and I asked for something to drink. I meant
water. This guy handed me a bottle of green liquid, which I gulped
down entirely, thinking it was Kool-Aid. It was apple Pucker. With
all that heat, I was puking green foam in about an hour and had no
idea why until someone told me. So, any embarrassing stage
incidents. Don't be shy about it. Alien Poop, guitarist for PT Grimm,
leaped from the rafters and crashed through the stage(remarkably,
the band never missed a beat), and I have done everything from
forget and make up the lyrics to falling off the stage.

Dr. Gigglez:
Well, one show I did in Attleboro, MA at this place
called Jarrod's, during Wolfpac's set, they called me on stage, and
the strippers took my clothes off and ripped off my boxers and next
thing ya know the naked monkey dance was

Scary: That's one of the coolest things ever. I actually think
everything to do with monkeys, public nudity, and silly dances is
amazingly funny. I never got de-pants on stage, but I did get my
boxers yanked down in front of a Jehovah's Witness. They never
came back. Go figure. So, how 'bout the chicks? You starting to
get a little more attention now? Don't even lie. I've seen

Dr. Gigglez:
Chicks are real cool. They love being examined by the
doctor, Any pics you go I'd love some

Scary: I've just seen the ones on MySpace. Speaking of chicks,
I've booked plenty of female acts for A Midsummer's Nightmare
'08, but I think we need dancers. What do you think? I was thinking
of maybe checking on some cages. I have a friend who owns a
wholesale company. He claims he can get anything.

Dr. Gigglez:
I say get some cages and get some strippers and some
horny sluts for the crowd to have fun looking at!!!

Scary: Strippers are expensive around here. I used to blow several
hundred a night on my parties, and that was per hour. Where can
we get volunteers...or maybe some that will do it for weed and

Dr. Gigglez:
Go to the really crappy ones. Thats where you get the
best blow jobs for cheap money.

Scary: That's also where you find the ones with fresh c-section At least that's how it works around Newport, KY. I
saw Wolfpac recruiting in the parking lot when we first rolled up.
That's the way to go. Anyway, I wanna change gears a bit and ask
my weird questions that no one expects(like this conversation has
been perfectly So what do you do in your spare time?
Any hobbies...legos, Magic:The Gathering, making skin suits from
fat chicks?

Dr. Gigglez:
Well, my spare time I spend taking care of my 2 kids. I
go fishing, to amusement parks, smoke insane amounts of  weed,
but that is on a regular basis. I also just finished making a new skin
suit from this hot fat chick I fucked.

Scary: Oh, you have two kids. That's right. I knew that. I have a
little girl, myself. Her first birthday is tomorrow. So do you take
your kids with you or keep business separate from family?

Dr. Gigglez:
I keep them away from the shows, for the time being. I
know my little monster will probably follow in my footsteps. Not
too sure the take on the other one. But I keep them separate.

Scary: What are some of your favorite books? Periodicals
count(thanks to musicians who don't

Dr. Gigglez:
HAHAHAHA! Honestly I don't read that much. The
things I read recently are Ghost Hunters Para Magazine or video
game magazines from time to time, when I'm on planes.

Scary: My second games. I sold my consoles a couple
of years ago(I had all of them), and I sat and stared at the TV for
hours trying to figure out what I did before I bought them. Thank
God for PC games. So who would you list as your biggest musical
influences growing up?

Dr. Gigglez:
Gravediggaz, Eazy- E, Dr. Dre. Too $hort, NWA, Wu-
Tang Clan.

Scary: What kind of films are you into? This is moving into heavy

Dr. Gigglez:
I am a horror fan. I will watch any movie. I love movies.
I actually wrote a draft script for a movie I want to make, but one of
my favorite movies I love is "Cannibal: The Musical" by Trey
Parker and Matt Stone, creators of "Southpark". This movie was
made before they made "Southpark" and is such a great movie.

Scary: That is one great movie, for real. The sheep segment...ha!
No words. If you have a treatment, why have you been holding out
on me. I have a file folder full of treatments. You gotta email me that
shit! I have a DP and a director on stand-by just waiting to make
something new. Anyway, I have to ask: what's scarier, American
horror or Japanese horror? I'm not talking "The Ring" but "Ringu"
and not "The Grudge" but "Ju-On" or "A Tale of Two Sisters"
when I say Japanese horror.

Dr. Gigglez:
I have yet to see a Japanese horror flick yet. So I hear,
the Japanese movies are more ruthless than American movies. I
hear the "Saw" movies are like PG movies over

Scary: No doubt. When you send me a mailing address, to mail
your fest kit to, I'll send you a couple. The original "Shutter" is
great. They're really big on shadows and sudden shock...very little
special effects. So what's next for you? Is there any inside info
you'll be willing to share with me album dates, style
changes, producer or writer change-ups?

Dr. Gigglez:
Well, next month I start the recording process of my
album. Once that is complete, I will have a release date, but I think
an exclusive date for the album will be at this year's Helloween
show, then the following week release the album . Once the album
is done, we are going to start promo for the album. Then possibly
try to get this movie made out here.

Scary: I'd love to check your shit out. Here's a strange question
for you: what's your take on Scientology? Have you been hearing
about the war between Anonymous and Scientology? I want to do
an album dedicated to it, but I can't get anyone to touch the
subject. I was hoping to have guests on every track and release
the disc for free.

Dr. Gigglez:
I really don't follow it. I would be down to get on the
track. I'd have to do some research on it.

Scary: The short of it is: Scientology is a tax-exempt cult that was
founded by a science fiction writer. His story isn't even good
fiction. Battlestar Galactica would make a more convincing
religion. What's your general take on religion as a whole? Do you
subscribe to any belief system?

Dr. Gigglez:
I'm not very religious at all. Is there a god? Yeah, I
think there is. I'm not one for church and all that. I don't think it
should be pushed upon like Jehovah's Witness people come
knockin' on your

Scary: I agree totally. Are there any new artists that you are
collaborating with on your next album?

Dr. Gigglez:
Wolfpac, Jason Porter, Fury, J-Scrub, and Dirty J, as of
right now.

Scary: Cool line-up. Anyone going to perform with you live?

Dr. Gigglez:
Well, on stage with me, I'm working on getting a full
time hype man, but usually Fury or J-Scrub take the reigns and tear
the stage up with me.

Scary: Cool deal. Before we end this, I have to ask how Dr. Gigglez
was born. Where did the concept originate, and how did you get it
off the ground?

Dr. Gigglez:
Well, I used to rap under a different name back in the
day. My name was Neva. It is pronounced "kneeva", which a lil'
inside info for all those checking this's my middle name. I
was just doing plain old boring One day I said let me try
something more violent, so i made a song, and boom, I changed
my name to Dr. Gigglez. The idea came from me wanting to do the
Whole "Dr." gimmick. I laugh alot in person, so I strapped on Dr.
Gigglez. To get it off the ground, I was pushed by my friends and
family. They liked what I was doing. As a matter of fact, J-Scrub
introduced me to Krazy at Rydas Records in 2000/2001. They
signed me, then I ended up taking 2nd place in Mike E. Clark's rap
contest he had. That is what really got it off the ground and got me
to where I am today !!!

Scary: That's a great story. Thanks for sharing it with us, and
thanks for the interview. Is there anything you'd like to shout out
before we wrap?

Dr. Gigglez:
Thanks for asking me to do this. Just want everybody
to go to and buy some t-shirts and peep
the ill site and hit up for all the
updates and happenings in Dr. Gigglez world !!!