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I had a chat with Daddy Long Legs of Wolfpac. We got to talk about
everything from cartoons to porn stars to war and weed. Read on and
see what we spent two hours talking about. Visit Wolfpac HQ by clicking
the banner above.

Scary: First of all, let me thank you so much for taking time for
this. So what's new on the Wolfpac front? Any new projects on
the horizon?

 Well thank you for hooking it up! Well, where to
start???? First we just got word that we have joined the Insane
Dead By Wednesday and that southern mad man Boondox!!! Also
the whole party will be MC'ed by Violent J and Shaggy 2 Dope as
well as have DJ Clay spinning all night long in between the artists
and the JCW (that's right JCW) wrestling matches!!! Its like the
world famous Big Ballers parties in Detroit but on tour!!! You DO

Scary: And I'm missing the whole thing...that's great! Seriously,
that sounds great. You promoting that new compilation pretty
hard there?

We just dropped an amazing horror core / under ground
hip hop music compilation called "When There's No More Room In
Hell Volume I" including a two disc, thirty eight track assault on
your ears! It can be bought on line at It has artists like us and
Bawston Strangla, Big B and The Dirtball, Brainsick ft. Jaronimo,
ClaAs, Danny Diablo Ft. Big Left and Danny Boy of La Coka
Nostra and Ceekay Of The Capo Regime., Dead Creeps Orchestra,
Defekt, Delusional, Dieabolik Ft. Madman, Dr. Gigglez, Geistweb
Ft. Provokal, Grave Plot Ft. Killa C and Liquid Assassin,
GuttaMind, Havok, I-45, J Reno The Sadist, Jason Porter and
Intrinzik, L.U.Cipha, Lawst, Lo Key, Maddhouse Clique, M-Theory,
Playaz Lounge Crew, Professor Fresh, Purgatory Bound, Q-Ball
(BloodHound Gang DJ Q-Ball's Solo) Ft. Eddie Cheddar,
Q-Strange, Ric-Lo-X, Ruthless, Scum, Stitchez, Troubled Mindz,
True High Class, V Sinizter, Vanilla Ice,  X-Breed so so so dope!  
Everyone so far has loved it , not a stale track on it.

Scary: I know about it. I'm going to grab a copy as soon as I can.
Is this tour coming near Cincy, Ohio?

Send me an address and i'll have a copy sent out to you
asap. The comp is fresh too cause all in all it only costs $10.00.
People would be retarded to down load it. Plus its all exclusive
tracks. You can only get them on this cd. The tour hits like 3 dates
in  Ohio. Let me look.

Scary: Word? I'll email you my address. Much, mad love for that!!!
I'll stick an ad on Scary Enmtertainment's website for it.

2/25 in Cincinnati at Bogarts, 2/26 in Cleveland at the
Agora and  03/11 in Columbus at the Newport Music Hall.  Homey
an add would be fresh. Totally email me the address and ill have it
out to you in the morning.

Scary: Bogart's is in my stomping ground. I played there myself,
got carried out, and got banned from ever playing there That's all in the past management. I'm
welcome back again.

There ya go, besides its great getting banned. We too
have been there. ICP too. Gwar, Slipknot, BloodHound's
funny. We also just finished filming a "Girls of WOLFPAC DVD"
that is a 60 min full featured porn DVD! That will drop some jaws
and pop some wood!

Scary: Best thing ever happened to me. Electric Hellfire Club got
booted too and walked across the street and played at Sudsy
Malone's. Good times. I saw ICP there about four years ago. Best
show I've ever own included.

Nice. ICP puts on one of the best live shows I have
ever seen!

Scary: That sounds like a primo publicity stunt, and you're not
even tryin'...just being So, are you jumping in the ring
with anybody in JCW?

What publicity stunt??? I love porn LOOVVVVVEEE
Porn, and we get some prutty hot strippers, so on the DVD we
make then get with themselves and each other.
Strictly hot naked girls and toys...NO DUDES. Except one of our
masked guys Genocide bangs one of them in a hot tub, with his
mask on. Me jumping in the ring??? Hell no, all them JCW guys
would f*cking kill me. I'm a lover not a fighter.

Scary: I'm with When can we expect another Wolfpac CD?

Well, thats yet another thing. It's 99% done, but thats
ALL I can tell you. We have some super secret shit going down in
the WOLFPAC HQ but I cant say sh*t yet. All I can tell you is, its
going to flip some wigs!

Scary: Gotcha....NSA on me, huh?

I gave my word heheh.

Scary: Can't give me a

All I can say is it's going to be amazing what will come
to pass in 2007. 2006 was huge! 2007 is going to be even bigger.

Scary: Cool, cool. So how is Jade's movie doing? Is she with you
guys right now?

Actually she is in LA. I just got back from there too. We
have been in talks with a few people in the adult industry, meeting
with potential agents and have gotten her signed to the #1 agent
in the adult business Mark Spiegler (
The porn biz is much like the music biz, the only difference is in
the porn business you get paid when you get f*cked!

Scary: No doubt!!! So, when you guys come to Bogart's, what's
the odds of me gettin' a couple passes to get back and hang for a

I think we can hook something up.

Scary: Do you still talk to anyone from the Bloodhound Gang or
is that all past now?

Hell no, I talk to Jimmy, Q Ball and Evil all the time. Evil
lives 5 houses from me so we run into each other a bit and myself
and Jimmy go back to 11th grade, we have been good friends
since then. We are all busy as hell but we try to make time to
connect. Q-Balls' actually first solo track "The Memoirs of Ralph
Machio" is on the "When There's No More Room In Hell"
compilation. Its truly a gem of a track and shows that his solo
carrier is going to shine!

Scary: That's cool. I've been talking to ill e. gal, from True High
Class (I did an interview with her as well), and it's got me on this
political kick. How do you feel about legalization of marijuana,
and do you think it should be de-criminalized or made completely

I'll be truly honest with you. I think ALL substances
should be legal. I think big government should take a back seat to
personal choice. There should be good information on all of these
things before hand, so people can make educated choices but
once they read or know, its on them. Sure some things are
dangerous, but hell so is bleach. If I was to take bleach and put it
in a cup and drink it or shoot it in my neck, it would kill me. If I was
dumb enough to do so, maybe I'm not meant to live long in this
world. I believe in natural selection, meaning if a species is not  
smart enough to survive it was not probably meant to. I say
legalize it all, and the ones who fall prey to over-dosing and
addiction, well that's there own dumb fault. We do however have
to punish those who are f*cked up while on the substances,
meaning STRICT laws, like if you take acid and drive and are
caught, then STRICT penalties should be enforced. Like say you
take some crack and shoot up a school, because you did this on
crack, your sentenced to life in jail. If the penalties were "life in jail"
or "death" people wouldn't even risk it. They would just shoot up
at home! As long as it doesn't hurt anyone else but the user, I say
make it all legal! Besides pot is barely a problem, I've seen more
people get into accidents or fist fights when drinking then I have
ever seen or pot. It just don't happen. So hell yes legalize it all and
let the cards fall where they may!

Scary:  That is the best argument I think I've ever heard...and well
thought out as well. Thanks for being so open and intelligent in
your answer.

Not a problem.

Scary: How do you feel about the current war situation, and do
you think artists should encourage the fans to vote and take part
in the political process?

Another honest answer. I have a few friends stationed
in Iraq, and I have a bunch of Iraqi friends. I'm originally from NY,
and some of my neighborhood friends are from Iraq. What we are
seeing in the media and what not is a lot of bullsh*t. Hussein was
a madman. The guy killed more people then Hitler and was killing
based on race. The man was a butcher and his sons had rape
rooms in their palaces.. F*CKING RAPE ROOMS. My friends from
there are so happy they no longer have to live in fear of that, they
are so thankful we did what we did. Further, many soldiers that I
have talked to, not only believe in what we are doing there, but so
strongly they are signing up for second terms. What we are seeing
is a lot of foreign fighters...Iran and Syria, who want to destabilize
the new Iraq government. Iran HATES us and their children even
start their morning prayer with "Death to Israel and Death to
America" It is in Iran's worst interest that we have ANY allies over
there, so they are doing their part to start any war, civil or
religious, that they can. The sad thing is the people over there
deserve freedom and to live without fearing to be killed for any
religious belief. The only thing I wish we would have done
different was to hit them harder in the first place. Its war,
unfortunate as it is, but many things in this world need to be done
through strength and aggression. I think I would have taken more
of a Japan in WWII route and really crippled them before we had
troops on the ground, I think if we didn't do what we did back then
in WWII, we would still be fighting Japan too conventionally. It
sucks...war sucks, but it's almost the nature of things...aggression
and conflict. Further I am glad we are fighting the insurgences
over there instead of over here on American soil...drawing them
out there from other countries like Syria and Iran and in
Afghanistan is much better then having them come here and
attack civilian targets like in DC and New York. Last but not least,
again it's a horrible thing but sometimes a necessary thing and, as
long as our troops are over there, I support them fully, and they
are in my prayers. It's a shame things can't be all positive and
talked out. I don't think we could have "talked" to Hitler either.

ChickenKilla44:        You can believe it or not, but I share the same
opinion, plus I have two friends who just came home. They are
not the same. There are reasons for what we are doing, but are
we doing the right things in the right ways? I'm with you. We'll go
off on a separate topic (because I don't want to pound this
political thing in the ground. I'm sure we could talk about it all
night from what you've said). Tell me what you do to unwind from
the stresses of the music industry. I know most people think the
industry is a release...they're fools. What do you do when you
kick back?

Well, I do a few things. First off I have been taking MMA
for a few years, so I do a little of that on my spare time. I like to
shoot guns. I am a avid gun collector, so I like to frequent the
range and shoot a few holes in things, and last but not least I
drink a ton of's my "secret pleasure"...that and watching
porn! heheheh.

Scary: Guns...yes. Another interest we
too....huh? Seriously though, what kind of movies do you
like or books you read?

I love movies...horror, action, indie sh* movies.
Books I don't have an attention span to read. I think I have only
read like three books in my life..."The Art of War" by Sun Tzu,
"Behind the Paint" by Violent J, and "How To Be A Porn Star" by
Jenna Jameson.

Scary: I'm about to watch "Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas"
again. Have you seen it?

LOVE "Fear and Loathing".  Johnny Depp is amazing.

Scary: Have you read it?

In that his roll is amazing. Again, couldn't follow it. My
brain, due to coffee and TV, needs INSTANT gratification.

Scary: Oh, no excuse. That story is gripping from the first line...I
kid. It is better than the movie though. I'll send you a copy via
email if you like. I read it in about six hours.

Again I'd love to. I've tried to sit and read so many
times...then the ADD kicks in.

Scary: I haven't heard of "Behind the Paint" before.

Behind the paint is a book Violent J from Insane Clown
Posse wrote. It's f*cking brilliant. For real, one of the best reads I
have had. He writes like he talks and comes from self. It's like its
him reading to you.

Scary: Do you realize how long we've been at this? HAHA! I'll
check it out. Tell me one thing before we close...what does Daddy
LL have to say to the world?

To the world???? Thank you for letting me be able
to do the things I's a honor...and to the haters, keep hating,
it's only more gas on my fire baby! Keepin' these long legs warm
at night!  Hey on a side note you see in news about the ATHF
thing the bomb thing.

Scary: The

Whats so dope about it is people then went hunting the
signs and selling them on ebay.

Scary: That's awesome. Thank you so very, very much for
spending two hours of your time talking to me, and I will email you
my address for that CD. Even more important, I want a pass for
me and my driver to get with you backstage at Bogart's so we can
meet in person and talk face to face. Much, much, mad love to you
brother and thank you.

DaddyLL: I think we can hook all of that up , email me your
contact info too and we will set it all up!

ChickenKilla44: Will do. Peace out!