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Bloodline has labeled their style "torture rap" music. Influenced by
hardcore music and zombie movies, they have created a great
combination of blood, guts, and groove. I got a chance to sit back and
have a chat with founding member Lhus on the good old MySpace IM.
Here's how it went. Enjoy! Oh, and don't forget to visit their wesite by
clicking the banner above.

Scary: So tell me, when did you guys first begin your reign of

I was introduced to Venom and Malikiah through a girl on
MySpace. They both moved to North Carolina from Brooklyn and
Queens, NY 'cause that was close to me where the studio is, and
thats how we first got up. This was Jan. '06 we met.

Scary: So we're looking at a three piece right now?

What you mean?

Scary: Three piece group?

4. We have a dj, Jnyce, from canada. 3 emcees 1 dj.

Scary: Cool, cool. So, what are the ages of the members?

Lhus - 22, Venom - 32, Malikiah - 36 and Jnyce -23

Scary: Quite a range. Good to see the generations getting
together. Tell me your main influences.

Well theres a lot, underground hip/death
metal/hardcore/horrorcore - we call it "Torture Rap" original but
1994's hip hop from Wu Tang to Hyinas in the Desert and a lot of
metal from Slayer to King Diamond to Hatebreed........there's so
much sh*t, I could go on for years.

Scary: No doubt. I just wanted a general idea. What really inspired
you to start doing this style? Was there a major turning point in
your personal life that led up to this? I know that most artists in
this genre have some sort of "awakening" that brings them to the
point that they need to find a release in music like this.

Basically it's like this, we all love music and ,if we couldn't
rap about f*cked up sh*t, we would be doing f*cked up sh*t........its
our way of anger management.

Scary: I get ya. I've done the same thing myself.  Anyway, I get it.
You sing about it so you don't do it. I get that! What is the driving
force behind your music? Do you still look to anger, or is it more
fun now?

It's fun doing shows and sh*t but anger and violence is a big
part along with creativity and its just nice to let it we got
a lot of real cool fans that we have gained through this one year
bloodline has been together. They are another big reason we do
it...and can't forget about the haters!!!!!! It's all for them too!

Scary: Right on. Tell me your views on the Psychopathic Records
"alliance" with Sony's Red label. I warned you that I don't mess
around in these I've gotta know.

I don't have a clue bro....I just listen to the music.

Scary: I won't pursue it. I just wanted to hear some commentary
from the real underground. I What kind of fan
base do you have? Do you meet that 15-35 category? What's an
average crowd like at your gigs?

The only show we have done is opening for Necro in
Toronto, Canada that was 1000+ and Goretex from Non Phixion in
NY. And the fans range from 15 years old to 40+.

Lhus: We have videos of the Toronto show on our MySpace.

Scary: I saw your video, and I see you are a fan of zombie flix.
What did you think about Romero being booted from the Resident
Evil script?

I just watch the movies bro.

Scary: Well, you obviously like zombie movies. What's your
favorite? Not just modern, but the all-time best.

Hmmmm...."Salems Lot", "Bloodsucking Freaks", the first
"Night of the Living Dead". There's a lot of sh*t we like. I could type
down everything in my DVD and tape collection but f*ck all that,

Lhus: But for the record......

Lhus: "The Devils Rejects" is my favorite movie, as of right now.

Scary: No doubt! Rob Zombie has brought us some great stuff.

Scary: Okay, off the wall...hehe. What is your favorite cartoon of all

"Metalocalypse", "Family Guy", "South Park", "ATHF"....I
watch alot of Adult Swim.

Scary: What do you think is your best quality on-stage? Do you
use the old Morrison move of turning your back on the fans, or do
you like to jump in the middle of it?

Venom jumping into the crowd and Malikiah's aggression on
stage like he has come to murder you, we keep sh*t rugged at a

Scary: Tell me what local bands you enjoy working with.

Wyze Mindz, Psych Ward, Knowledge, Qualm, Eternal.

Scary: What are you really trying to say with your lyrics? Do you
want to be heard, or do you just want to let it out?

: Both.

Scary: What's more important to you, that the fans like the beats,
or that they listen to the lyrics?

If the lyrics suck the song sucks, and if the beat sucks the
song sucks.

Lhus: Need both 100%.

Scary: I follow. What is the last song you listened to?

"Blood in My Eyes" by Psych Ward....listening to it right now.

Scary: Have you ever been in contact with a label?


Scary: Have you been shopping labels? If so, what labels have
you shopped?

None...we're doing it ourselves.

Scary: Do you want to continue on your own, or would you like to
see a label pick you up?

Not sure right now.

Scary: Would you be willing to travel out of your area for a label?

Yeah, sure.

Scary: Are you trying to get a record deal? Is that something you
want at this time?

Nah, just need distribution. We can do the rest our
selfs....unless we get a deal we cant say no to.

Scary: But you do want distribution? What labels have you looked
at for that?

Long Range is the only people i have talked to.

Scary: Well, I wish you the best. One final question...where is your
next show?

New Brooklyn Tavern in West Columbia, SC.