Welcome back to 2009!!!
That's right, people! I just restored the entire website to where it was six years ago!
Don't worry. The software is all brand new and up to date, and I'll be adding tons of new
features. I just really wanted the original look and feel of how it was when it all started
over a decade ago. I remember how much people enjoyed the site as it once was, and by
keeping up with the latest website trends, something was lost. After I switched to SMF
six years ago, people just stopped coming, and I was uninspired to do anything to make
them want to visit. All of that changes now. The site was going through some major
changes, so this is basically an archive for the moment. But broken things will be fixed,
and features such as a mobile version and even a CRYSTMYND app are on the way. I;m
still deciding what to do with the podcast and forums. I'm also open to suggestions on
what to do with integrating YouTube and other social media. Be patient. It is in
progress...even an official store. Meanwhile, go back and enjoy the interviews you
haven't seen in a long time. I'll also get some videos going asap. Here at Scary
Entertainment, the new school is the old school.
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